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Before the arrival of European settlers in northern Rhode Island during the 17th century, today's Woonsocket region was inhabited by three Native American tribes — the Nipmucs (Cowesett), Wampanoags, and Narragansetts. In 1661, the English theologian Roger Williams purchased the area from the "Coweset and Nipmucks," and in a letter referred to modern day Woonsocket as "Niswosakit."
Other possible derivations to the name include several Nipmuc geographic names from nearby Massachusetts. These include Woonksechocksett, from Worcester County meaning "fox country," and Wannashowatuckqut, also from Worcester County, meaning "at the fork of the river".[9] Another theory states Woonsocket derives from "thunder mist," in reference to the largest waterfall on the Blackstone River, which lies at the center of the city. However, another theory proposes the city was named after Woonsocket Hill in neighboring North Smithfield. -Wikipedia

Woonsocket Rhode Island

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The picture above in on Clinton Street in Woonsocket. The original is from a postcard. Judging by the cars, it is from the 1930-40 period. I should have been a little further up the street on my photo, but hey I'm learning.
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This is another old postcard from Woonsocket. The old image looks to show South Main Street as a dirt road with trolley tracks. I'm guessing that it's from the 1910's. The cupola on the steeple looks to have changed a little, but not as much as the neighborhood seems to.
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More to come.