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A Nipmuc Indian, John Wampas, visited England in the 1600s and deeded land in the Sutton area to Edward Pratt. Pratt sold interests in this land to others, and competing claims among them and the Nipmucs led to a General Court case in Massachusetts in 1704, which granted Pratt and his fellow proprietors an eight-mile-square section of land, which is now Sutton.
Three families were the first to settle on the land, that of Benjamin Marsh, Elisha Johnson and Nathaniel Johnson. They almost did not survive the first winter - the winter of the "big snow" - which buried their cabins. A friendly Indian found the cabin of the Johnson family only by seeing smoke from the chimney coming out of the snow. The Indian rescued the family, and as Mrs. Johnson recalled, "No voice ever sounded so sweet as that of that Indian down the chimney." Marsh served as a selectman, town moderator and in various other positions of responsibility as the town became established. He also founded its first Baptist church and served as its first minister and elder. -Wikipedia
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It's hard to speculate when the old photo was taken, but my father took this and a lot of other photos in the 30's and 40's. This is at the intersection of Central Turnpike and Purgatory Road in Sutton. I took the new picture around 2006.
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